LAJSA Policy Statements


The Latin American Jewish Studies Association (LAJSA), has issued the following position statement on academic boycotts on behalf of its Board of Directors:

LAJSA joins the AAUP and other major universities and academic organizations in opposing all boycotts of academics and academic institutions. We especially oppose selective boycotts on ideological grounds that use political or religious views as tests for participation in academic life. We have a fundamental commitment to the free exchange of ideas, and boycotts only stifle such exchange.

LAJSA-list Policies

LAJSA-list is the listserv of the Latin American Jewish Studies Association. Its original purpose is to distribute messages about topics that are Jewish and Latin American. As a courtesy to the many LAJSA members who are primarily in Sephardic Studies, the list also carries posts in that field of studies. LAJSA-list is published in digest form and appears once or twice a week.

  • Especially appreciated are posts giving the bibliographic data for new publications in relevant fields. Please make the bibliographic data as complete as possible including, if possible, ISBN of books. Bibliographic information distributed over the list will later be archived on the website.
  • Call for proposals and papers, whether for conferences, for multi-authored edited volumes, or for issues of journals, are also warmly welcomed.
  • There may be a total of TWO posts about any given new book. To give an example, the information about a book could be circulated when it was first published, and then if a paper version appeared several months later, there could be a second posting about that edition. After that, the author would have reached the limit and could not continue to post about interviews concerning the book, reviews, electronic editions, talks about the book, etc.
  • Events may be posted on the list so long as they are on relevant topics and open to the public. If the events are book presentations or book talks, they will count toward the total of two posts mentioned above. Please send the information about your event a week in advance, since LAJSA-list appears once or twice a week.
  • Those who wish to send festive holiday greetings to colleagues are welcome to do so in the lead-up to Rosh Hashana and Pesach. The good wishes must be sent to the moderator by a deadline, which will be announced on the list, and will be combined in a single mailing.
  • List subscribers are invited to send obituaries for individuals active in Latin American Jewish Studies or in Sephardic Studies. Only one obituary will be published for a given person.
  • Items that will not be posted include advertisements, polemics, political advocacy (for example, urging readers to sign a petition or join a protest), and posts that are non-substantive responses to previous posts, such as congratulations.
  • Please send items in text with a minimum of special formatting or graphics. Links to items posted on-line also work well.
  • If your item does not meet the criteria for posting on the list, please consider posting it on the facebook page Latin American Jewish Studies Association.

Naomi Lindstrom (, manager of LAJSA-list