Membership, Payments & Contributions

The Benefits of Membership

Individual Members…

  • Are eligible to participate in LAJSA’s International Research conferences
  • Enjoy access to LAJSA publishing venues
  • Are eligible to apply for the Jacobo Kovadloff Travel Award
  • Have access to the listserv (LAJSA-List)
    To subscribe or unsubscribe to LAJSA-List, please contact Naomi Lindstrom at

Institutional Members…

  • receive the same benefits as individual members

Membership dues

You can pay your LAJSA membership dues using PayPal’s secure service. If you do not have a PayPal account, you may still make a payment using your credit card, or you may mail a check/money order to LAJSA Treasurer Yitzhak Lewis. (Make checks payable to “LAJSA.”) Include your email address on the memo line. Note that there are four payment categories: Regular, Reduced, Student, and Institution. The Reduced category is for Latin American residents, retired LAJSA members, and members who are adjunct or part-time faculty at their institutions.


Membership dues

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You can also now make a contribution to LAJSA using PayPal.

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