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LAJSA Awards 2017

LAJSA Book Awards

Stephen Silverstein, The Merchant of Havana: The Jew in the Cuban Abolitionist Archive (Vanderbilt UP, 2016)

Honorable Mention: Edna Aizenberg, On the Edge of the Holocaust: The Shoah in Latin American Literature and Culture (UP New England, 2015)

Honorable Mention: Annette Levine and Natasha Zaretsky, eds. Landscapes of Memory and Impunity: The Aftermath of the Amia Bombing in Jewish Argentina (Brill 2015)

Best Doctoral Dissertation

Mariusz Kalczewiak (Tel Aviv University): “Jewish Polacos, Argentina and the Yiddishland”

Honorable Mention: Yitzhak Lewis (Columbia University): “Writing the Margin: Rabbi Nachman of Braslav, Jorge Luis Borges and the Question of Jewish Writing”